Satash Natural Hair Care Solution is a high quality hair care brand inspired by beauty traditions from Africa and the Mediterranean. Plant extracts, aromatic herbs, flowers, seeds, roots and naturally occurring minerals have been used by many cultures in hair care products since ancient times. We have combined these ancient traditions with modern science to create high quality natural hair care products for textured hair of curls and coils.

We are an Australian company based in Perth Western Australia. Our products contain pure natural ingredients that are regarded both scientifically and historically as beneficial to hair and scalp health.

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality, need-based natural hair care products to cleanse, condition, hydrate and strengthen hair for growth.

We avoid synthetic ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, silicone, parabens and harsh surfactants.
Our company’s guiding principles are tradition and science.


Our mission is to provide high quality hair care products to promote healthy hair and reveal its unique beauty.


We believe that hair needs nutrition to thrive and repair. We offer high quality hair care products with nutritional ingredients for scalp health and hair strength.


We could tell you all about our research and testing, or how wonderful our products are, but actually this is really all about you.

Your natural hair and its condition is part of your life story and how you feel about yourself. If your hair looks and feels good it boosts your confidence and can even get you through that “bad office” day. Your natural textured coils and curls often need higher levels of attention to achieve manageability, convenience and style. Because of curls and coils pattern, this type of textured hair is likely to be dry, tangling and breaking. This is where we come in. We are here to help your natural hair stay maintained, healthy and beautiful. We have the knowledge, experience and the products to support your natural hair care journey. We are constantly conducting research into innovative ingredients to ensure that our products meet the needs of your curls and coils. To be specific, our products will provide you with conditioning, hydration and strength.


Satash Natural Hair Care Solution was founded by Fatma Warsame after she identified a gap in the market for high quality natural hair care products for textured hair of curls and coils. She struggled to find natural hair care products containing pure natural ingredients that are beneficial to her hair and scalp. Ingredients such as botanical extracts, plants oils, essential oils, proteins and vitamins are vital in nourishing, providing shine and promoting growth for natural textured hair.

Fatma’s passion for science, creativity and natural beauty, has propelled her to create her own beauty brand. She is a cosmetic chemist and has been researching hair care ingredients, creating and testing hair care products for the past six years.

Now she is ready to share her passion with others who are facing the same hair care challenges of managing, maintaining and growing natural curls and coils.